Speed of Technology

Are we moving from LifeCycle thing to FastCycle thing? The race is ON.  Trains running at 575km/h in China. China’s Tianhe-1A super computer can perform over 2.5 thousand trillion floating point operations per second.  How fast is your life running these days? Is that a right question? What is more important here:

  1. What new technology do we need?
  2. or How fast we want our current technology to run?

Which is the correct measure of success? or are these independent questions? What i see is -innovation factor is more important than just sequential growth based on current ground situation. You need to disturb the equation every once in a while to check the usefulness of it.  Do you need to put in more tasks in your calendar just because you see some room there or you want to go out under the sky and think about what do you expect out of your day?

Is speed that important at all? In order to prove your worth, are you willing to get more busy? Has speed become more important than quality.  I say busy does not equal important.  Final question to add more confusion ( or clarity), Is doing nothing worse than being busy doing nothing?

What all are other buzz words you hear these days? reduced time to market, reduced time to critical mass,  accelerating future close to present, start many fires.  Well, the only problem i have with the speed of light is that it gets here too early in the morning -to wake me up.


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