The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed

William Gibson once said “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed “, but now with the help of technology it is easier to distribute the future. Well, this post is all about how to predict the future?

Search can predict the future

  • It works because searches reveal something about people’s intentions and the scientists are saying that the powerful search engine may be able to help predict the economic future
  • Google searches for business and politics topics can predict a future stock market crash, researchers have claimed.

Social Media monitoring can predict the future

  • By using social media monitoring tools you can predict what your consumer will do next and based on those sentiments you can launch new service, product or campaign
  • The rate at which movie tweets are generated can be used to build a powerful model for predicting the success of a campaign
  • The sentiment content in the tweets shows that they can improve box-office revenue predictions based on tweet rates only after the movies are released.

Kids are helping in the future of technology design

  • Kids have been asking for computers to look, feel, sound, act and interact in ways more like humans
  • Kids are helping in better integrating digital experiences with real-world places and activities which will predict Future of robotics and real-world gaming

Hollywood movies are way too ahead in showcasing futuretechnologies

  • Decades ago, in 1927, it started with voice recognition, super intelligent robots in the movie metropolis ; and recently they had gestural interfaces, insect robots and crime prevention software in the movie Minority Report(2002)


Professional Consulting Service Providers ( likes of Gartner and PwC )


Process of predicting future involve three steps: 1) Collect, 2) Analyse and 3)Visualize


  • Existing data and trends from various resources like research publications and quality web blog
  • Social media platform
  • Data on various Political, Environmental, Socio-Economic, and Technology factors


  • Extrapolate sustainable changes and trends
  • Identify disruptions
  • Identify significance and risk of each factor


  • Identify correlations and quality of references
  • Explore past, present and future for a given area of interest, for a particular period
  • Understand complex relationships and look for unanticipated or counter-intuitive patterns
  • Visualize actionable insights into future events

Technology Future Prediction Model - Yogesh Malik

You will see more of digital fortunetelling in my upcoming blogs

It is a good thing that we cannot predict the future accurately; otherwise it will be very difficult to get out of bed.

Source: LinkedIn Post – The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed

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