The Art, Science and Maths of IT Solution Proposal

Do you also think that a good proposal with an average solution is better than a bad proposal with a great solution? What does it take to create a great proposal? a winning proposal; that makes everybody win. Is it an art, science or both?  Does it involve a bit of Maths too?

Art Science Maths of IT Solution Proposal - Yogesh Malik


  • Write a brilliant, short and crisp executive summary
  • Understand customer, their requirements, their industry
  • Understand customer’s customers
  • What are their problems, goals, drivers, stock  and competitors
  • What is their decision criteria and measure of success for this project?
  • Not too much of text, put some creative work to create graphics and tables
  • Size matters; is your proposal too long or too short? How will you measure?
  • Keeps readers in mind while writing content, highlight important stuff

Art of IT Solution Proposal - Yogesh Malik


  • What are you proposing? should be very evident
  • Why are you proposing? should be very convincing
  • How will you make if happen? explain in steps; 1,2,3…
  • How will transition work? What do you need from the customer?
  • When?, What gets done? and how?
  • How will we manage it? ( You + Customer + Others ). R&R/RACI

Science of IT Solution Proposal - Yogesh Malik


  • Customer’s current assets/inventory? What are you proposing? in numbers, tables.
  • How does it translate?  How does it scale?
  • What are various units? Give threshold numbers, max numbers.
  • Any estimates? approximates?
  • Results of tests, demos, PoCs & evidence with references

Maths of IT Solution Proposal - Yogesh MalikWhile keeping 1) art, 2) science and 3) maths in mind; do remember to comply with the bid process your organization follows.

My favorite question that i never pause to ask is – “What do we know about the client and opportunity that none of our competitors will know?

What’s yours favorite question?

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