Test Windows 7 in the cloud

We know that Windows 7 is still to come full-on, but cloud service providers are offering Windows 7 testing. So if you are a software developer company and plan to test your code on Windows 7, you can test it in the cloud. If your organization wants to run some compatibility tests before upgrading to Windows 7, test it in the cloud.

Before cloud services, one need to buy separate hardware and software to test any compatibility issues, but not any more. With this Windows upgrade it will be easier to test, because of the cloud. With Skytap’s cloud-based lab, you can deploy as many Windows 7 virtual machines as you wants under a monthly subscription ($250 a month for 1,000 hours of testing).

Skytap’s service can be used as a “hybrid” cloud platform, where the cloud is not a separate island but an extension of the in-house physical lab. Users have the flexibility to import VMWare images into the cloud via a secure VPN tunnel and export them back to their physical in-house lab. This is amazing.

Now who says it takes days to have a test bench for your code or compatibility, i say it takes minutes.


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