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Now you can compare apples and oranges

Compare apples and oranges

Twofoods allows you instantly compare the nutritional data of two food items to see which food suits your healthy eating goal. Follow Twofoods on twitter. Read More …

Use your PC or virtual machine with iphone

There are many applications for mobile phone which can control some part of administrating a windows PC, but this one gives you complete access to PC or windows virtual machine.

Wyse PocketCloud, provides systems administrators complete access to virtual desktops remotely through an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. It is an extension of of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.0 to connect and communicate with virtual or physical machines. Read More …

Do you own a chi.mp?

No, this is not chimp, i am talking about chi.mp. This new service provides you a free domain name and a website, and other whole bunch of identity management stuff like blog, twitter, facebook,  skype and flickr content. It even give you a RSS of your website. Have a look at yogeshmalik.mp, this is not complete. You can make it much better if you interface it with all online services and start using it as your website. Read More …

Stop Searching, Start Finding. GSA (Google Search Appliance)

Redefining ROI, that is exactly what Google did this time, before you get me wrong ROI here is Return On Information. You might have invested millions on IT infrastructure, databases, Content Systems, Business Intelligence, Battery of Web Servers. But, if your users are not able to find the right information at the right time, What is the use of all that? The Google Search Appliance 6.0 (GSA) helps organizations of all sizes increase Return on Information by delivering the instant, relevant search results your employees need to make the most of their time and budgets. Read More …

Stop Spam, Read Books



You must have seen such images many times — colorful images with distorted text at the time of signing on some Web registration forms. CAPTCHAs are used by many websites to prevent abuse from non human trials to submit a web form.

reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows.

Read More …

Simplest and smallest web based personal productivity tool

HTML based personal wiki notebook, which you will find very productive and interactive. For extremely fast notes taking with tagging and interlinking. It carries header, menu, tags and content area , all set to create a small website without any efforts.

It can be used just by downloading the wiki from the tiddlywiki website and saving it as an html. You can also try this one. Read More …