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Future is bright with seL4 kernel

If  security is your most important concern for your computation, seL4 kernel will solve all future problems. This is the first time that an operating system has passed rugged security tests. The research also found that many kinds of common attacks will not work on the seL4 kernel. For example, the microkernel is impervious to buffer overflows, a common form of software attack where hackers take control of programs by injecting malicious code. Products based on seL4 are expected to be available in the market in 2011. Read More …

How to protect kids from unsafe internet?

Before you think that the regular internet browser you use is okay for your kids too, take a look at this screen-shot which i took from my PC while my 5 yo son was playing a game on one of very reputed web site.

You need to build separate environment for kids which are of age 3-14, preferable a separate Operating System which boots from another hard-disk or from USB/live CD. But the least you must do is to give them secure browser environment. KidZui is a free Web browser, search engine and online playground for kids 3-12.  Read More …

Protecting those personal files was never so easy.

Do you have some files or data on your computer that is personal and valuable, and you are always worrying that somebody might look at it and use it. You might have tried many other tools and software to protect.

You might have some fear when you keep some very personal data on you office computer. I am sure we always runs the risk when we give our computer to tech support guy when something goes wrong.

Truecrypt software solves all of such issue.                Read More …