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Stop Searching, Start Finding. GSA (Google Search Appliance)

Redefining ROI, that is exactly what Google did this time, before you get me wrong ROI here is Return On Information. You might have invested millions on IT infrastructure, databases, Content Systems, Business Intelligence, Battery of Web Servers. But, if your users are not able to find the right information at the right time, What is the use of all that? The Google Search Appliance 6.0 (GSA) helps organizations of all sizes increase Return on Information by delivering the instant, relevant search results your employees need to make the most of their time and budgets. Continue reading

Really Real-time Search Engine

Google,Yahoo or Bing can search what you are looking for, but what about searching from the content which is fresh like twitter, microblogging and recent news. We know twitter also has a search, but what about if you want to know what is getting streamed on WordPress, CNN, Reuters, Flickr and Twitter?

Collecta is for really real-time searching, on a single page you can have multiple search . You can even pause and resume a particular search. I know it is fast Continue reading