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How to protect kids from unsafe internet?

Before you think that the regular internet browser you use is okay for your kids too, take a look at this screen-shot which i took from my PC while my 5 yo son was playing a game on one of very reputed web site.

You need to build separate environment for kids which are of age 3-14, preferable a separate Operating System which boots from another hard-disk or from USB/live CD. But the least you must do is to give them secure browser environment. KidZui is a free Web browser, search engine and online playground for kids 3-12.  Read More …

Linux for Kids

One more Operating System just for kids, is Sugar on a Stick, which is a live OS and can be used from a USB stick. This will protect your computer from kids, and kids can use Operating System on any computer they like. This can be used on a computer without a hard disk. Easily available for download.

You’ll need a USB flash drive of  a size of at least 1 GB to install space for saving your work and changes to the system. Read More …