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Boot me fast, faster, fastest

I have installed a lot of Linux variants and tried to time the boot time, one of my earlier post talks about booting PC in ten seconds. With netbooks getting too much of penetration and Google getting in to cloud based Operating Systems and pushing for quicker than ever boot time. Instead of counting how many hours i have wasted in my entire lifetime while waiting for my computer to boot up?  I would rather switch to a Linux distro. Read More …

Get to work fast by booting your PC in 10 seconds from USB based operating system

Just wanted to shoot some e-mails, wanted to browse internet for some information or just updating some documents on line. You don’t need to boot your computer from legacy operating system and wait for the OS to come up and then open the browser. In-between there might be many start-ups and other unnecessary tools coming up only to delay your short work.

xPUD9.0How about if you can boot your computer from USB drive, in just 10 seconds.

xPUD will do it for  you. Fastest desktop operating system ever. Highly intuitive and kiosk like interface.

Can you guesstimate about the size of this operating system,  just 51MB.

xPUD ISO can be download for free.     Read More …