Stand first in the line: Future is getting distributed

InYogesh Malik Future is getting ready my last blog How to predict future I promised to give you more digital fortune-telling in my upcoming blo
gs; so here I am giving you some practical suggestions on how you could get better insights on future trends that will affect you and your career. We will stickto the three step process that we used in the last blog The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed : 1) Collect 2) Analyse and 3) Visualize

You will discover here: how to collect data on future trends?

  • Google Alerts
  • Hootsuite Social Search Options
  • Personalized Google News


Google Alert result for –for “future of digital marketing”


Hootsuite Search and Results for “future of technology|IoT|business|marketing”

Here are some key takeaways

Future of work:

  • More focus on AI, robotics, 3d printing and automation.
  • Skills: from STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) to SMAC (social, mobile, analytic and cloud)
  • Asana and Facebook like apps will replace emails
  • Passion, collaboration, and technology will play equally crucial role
  • Rise of solopreneurs


Future of Healthcare

  • Big data could save lives. Wearable devices and big data to detect patterns in the progression of the disease
  • Gaming and social to creep into the personal healthcare realm
  • Real-time “digital dashboard” of medical data available to doctor and patient
  • Google will make you immortal


Future of Manufacturing

  • Nanoshapes: They have extremely smooth surfaces, that is potentially very advantageous for commercial applications
  • IoT ( Internet of Things) will bring automation, reduces risk as businesses save on labour and service costs
  • 3D printing: You could print house, car, gun or even a burger



Once Einstein said “I never think of the future – it comes soon enough.”


So don’t wait, stand first in the line, use alerts, put a tracker on your key words, monitor it on daily bases, get insights, act upon those and change.

Source: LinkedIn Post – Stand first in the line: Future is getting distributed

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