What SOPA means for internet business?

Since last couple years there have been significant innovations around web technologies, and that has created subtle hostility between copyright holders (like big movie houses, record labels) and new technologies (like social sharing technologies and content aggregation ). Think of it, today content is considered as a part of marketing, and how easily you can share and re-use almost any content on the internet for repurposing over multiple channels and you owe nothing to this world. This will all change once SOPA bill is passed and implemented. Online communities, web evangelists and technology companies are paying a lot of attention to Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which gives US government and copyright holders the authority to seek court orders against any online infringement or piracy.

For online marketers, this Bill will be able to make content owners to demand that ISPs take down allegedly “infringing” sites and it would also authorize them to demand that search engines to remove links to the sites in search results, and moreover it can demand that payment services such as credit card companies stop transactions for a allegedly “infringing” site in question.

Companies like Google, Twitter, PayPal, eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Netscape, who are against this bill, have already posted an Open Letter To Washington with all their concerns

We all know that big media conglomerates wants to control the internet and US government wants that too, and they can easily shake hands and which is not so good for everybody else.

Though, Executive Vice President of Global Intellectual Property Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce says that

Rogue Web sites that steal America’s innovative and creative products attract more than 53 billion visits a year and threaten more than 19 million American jobs. Congress is considering legislation that could help cut these criminals off from the American market. I take issue with Ms. MacKinnon’s views about this much-needed rogue sites legislation.

Critics of this bill are saying that it could too easily put individuals and companies under suspicion just by writing about or linking to some web content suspected of infringement, and which is why it will have stifling effect on venture capital as they will not be happy to invest because of all those involved legal liabilities. Artists and creative world has also shown their sadness, as there are many artists and creative people whose work depends on the fair use law around other art, digital media and technology which makes them to use.


Behind SOPA: What It Means for Business and Innovation
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