See How does the internet see you?

Yogesh Malik

Want to see how internet characterize your name from a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data? Let the internet create a data portrait of your  aggregated online identity

In a world where fortunes are sought through data-mining vast information repositories, the computer is our indispensable but far from infallible assistant. Personas demonstrates the computer’s uncanny insights and its inadvertent errors, such as the mischaracterizations caused by the inability to separate data from multiple owners of the same name. It is meant for the viewer to reflect on our current and future world, where digital histories are as important if not more important than oral histories, and computational methods of condensing our digital traces are opaque and socially ignorant.               source:
When you try it for your name at, make sure you have your internet browser in Full Screen mode. However you will find it colliding with other similar names, so be careful with the results. I also tried it for Justin Timberlake, the scan went for 27 pages before i gave up.

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