Search deeper, go serious with zakta

Google is number one search engine, but for people who are into real serious search business have to put a lot of efforts to make some sense out of the Google search results. Additionally if you want to categorize and organize the search result, you need to do it manually.

New search tool can organize your search result into smarter way and tailor it based on your requirements.

You can also use a full suite of tools to personalize your search results, you can categorize, tag and annotate result. You can even delete unimportant results. Once you are done you will be able to save the results too, in case you want to publish it, you are right on.

You can join community and refine search and learn from saved/published search results based on your interests. You can see how overall result is improving as more and more people join in.

Kadayam is best known locally as a founder of Intelliseek, a Greater Cincinnati tech success story from the late 1990s dotcom era. He and partner Mahendra Vora sold the company to Nielsen in April 2007 after building it as an integral tool for marketing and advertising companies to measure the way consumers respond to brands on the Web.                                                Source


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