How to remove USB flash drive easily and safely?

Every time i try to remove my USB drive, i need to close some windows, some times i need to close some applications, still sometimes i see myself removing it forcibly. But that was until now. Now i use ejectUSB. What it does is, it closes all programs running from a specified drive or folder and then tries ejection. Additionally, it flushes the cache, closes explorer windows, removes registry entries and removes Recent Document shortcuts referencing the specified drive or folder. You can download ejectUSB, as it is freeware.

– EjectUSB doesn’t do anything radical to eject your drive, it follows standards Windows routines for ejecting a drive and is essentially no different than if you used the safely remove hardware dialogs yourself.
– Its registry cleanup doesn’t edit or delete any fragile parts of the registry and doesn’t leave any entries in invalid states (even if your system crashed during registry cleanup there should be no ill effects).

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