Enter the cloud, with a plan

This is my third article on clouds, after Why i like clouds so much? and Is India ready for the clouds?. We know that we can’t resist this technology, so for the corporates it is good to have some plan.  Instead of fully migrating to cloud, which requires a lot of change in the mindsets of management and IT guys, one could chose the hybrid way, one can start migrating some applications to the clouds, which could be:

  • Test and development infrastructure
  • Company blogs and support wikis
  • Product & Marketing Websites
  • Data storage solutions for the long term
  • Short term computing needs

We know that even local data center infrastructure is not immune to outage, similarly we can’t expect 100% availability from cloud based services. However there are tools we can use to monitor these services.

CloudStatus monitors  the  health status for selected remote computing services including Google App Engine & Amazon Web Services. Hyperic HQ is the first software that allows companies to monitor cloud services securely alongside their internal infrastructure. Hyperic also offers a fully configured Hyperic HQ Enterprise system directly on Amazon Web Services.

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