One Million Virtual Machines, to beat the BotNet

BotNet is a collection of autonomously and automatically running software robots on infected computers, controlled by some remote command center, used for the purpose of internet frauds and other online crimes. Now even cellphones are potential target of BotNet. According to some authentic report, there are more than 9% of the computers on the internet which are part of BotNet now. According to CIA World Fact Book, there are about 1.3 billion user devices connected to the Internet currently, and researchers have predicted that in next 3 years there will be approximately 17 billion devices connected to the internet.

Why we don’t know how to beat BotNets? because we can’t simulate a large environment which is anywhere near to the size of the internet today. That is why, at Sandia National Laboratories, scientists are preparing for a massive experiment. They’ve booted up 1 million Linux kernels as virtual machines, which will allow them to observe the behavior of a simulated network of 1 million computers online at once — complete with users who get infected with BotNets and they hope to run 10 million kernels in a simulation of the open Internet.

Sandia computer scientist Ron Minnich says that it will allow them to study how a small number of machines can attack and bring down larger networks. They can also study, for example, why some BotNets prefer to be small and others large.


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