Who is your #1 contact?

If you use MS Outlook for email in office and want to know:-

  • Who is your number one contact?
  • Who is responding to your email fastest?
  • What is the best time to expect a response from your boss?
  • Who is having better ranking? your boss, your spouse or your ex-colleague.
  • Who is on linkedin or facebook?

Xobni pulls contact info from email signatures, message bodies, Outlook contacts, as well as from  LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoovers, Skype, and Yahoo.

It will also let you find attachment from a specfic person, filter attachment result. It has automatic address book, which  creates a profile for every person you have ever communicated with. The profiles for your contacts will be full of information including: emails, attachments, phone numbers, Skype IDs, pictures, company names and titles. This will allow you to treat your Outlook contacts like a favorites list, and trust Xobni to manage your automatic address book.

It can be proved as a perfect tool for contact management, within MS Outlook.


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