Never Lose your cell phone again


You have used bluetooth, you have moved out of range and some have even lost a few minutes to find where their cell phone is? Now you have a alarm system based on bluetooth which tells you that you are going out of range. It may also make it easy to spot a potential theft.

This device Nio can be set to go off anywhere between two and 25 meters, and it can emit a police siren, a whoop or a Catchphrase buzzer sound. The device is currently available on their website They have also approached government and health authorities with the advice that their innovation may prove helpful in preventing personal data and devices.

nio™ is a Bluetooth® security tag which links with your mobile phone, Blackberry®, or PDA to create a first line of defense against the loss or theft of valuable items, such as laptops, car keys, bags and data sticks – even the phone itself!

Another good thing is that Nio has a fully rechargeable battery which will hold its charge for several weeks, now you can relax that your cell phone is safe.


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