Use natural language to edit colors, innovation by Xerox

This is hard to believe, now i don’t have to search, point and click on yellow color and improve it’s hue and again next yellow. Xerox has done this job easier. Xerox has developed a natural language that allows users to simply describe the color they want without having to deal with the mathematics. This concept is called paint by number.

The ability to use easy-to-understand phrases such as “Make the blues a lot more vibrant,” or “Make the skin-tone colors slightly more warm,” to adjust color in specific areas of an image has far-reaching implications for today’s office worker, graphic artist, printer or photographer.

Realtors can improve the colors in their sales flyers. Small business owners can enhance products and imagery in their collaterals. Great color is now in everyone’s hands.

Color adjustment exactly where you want it

Unlike current color printers and MFPs that use color wheels or sliders to edit brightness or contrast across the entire image, the new Xerox technology can alter the color in specific areas of the image without affecting the rest of the document. For example, if the sky is not light enough, you simply choose words from a drop-down menu such as “make the sky blues lighter” and in seconds the proper instructions are sent to the printer and the resulting image is printed.

source : Xerox

Try this wonder yourself at Natural Language Color Technology.

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