Write polymers with nanopen

Last few years have been really good for nanotechnology, i was really impressed years back when i heard of a golf ball which was able to correct its flight and was able to defy wind. Remember that commercial Change your ball and change your game! Since then i started showing interest in other similar products. Then there was nanowax for car which can fix the cracks. And do you remember the clothes that won’t stain and can repel coffee and tea. We all know those sticky patch for drug delivery. All those products are made up with nano-particles , which are barely 1/50,000th the width of a human hair can now be written with nanopens.

We introduce NanoPen, a novel technique for low optical power intensity, flexible, real-time reconfigurable, and large-scale light-actuated patterning of single or multiple nanoparticles, such as metallic spherical nanocrystals, and one-dimensional nanostructures, such as carbon nanotubes.

Source: pubs.acs.org

The scientists say their NanoPen solves current problems. In lab studies, the researchers used it to deposit various nanoparticles into specific patterns in the presence of relatively low light and temperature intensities. The process, which requires the use of special “photoconductive” surfaces, takes only seconds to complete, they note. Manufacturers can adjust the size and density of the patterns by adjusting the voltage, light intensity, and exposure time applied during the process, the researchers say.

Source: www.lifesciencesworld.com

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