Know everything about your computer, No installation

Windows OS may tell you a lot about your computer, but in case you need to know all the details of hardware and software of your PC you need something else like Belarc Advisor,which is free to download, which could tell you: System Serial Number, Chassis Serial Number, Board Type, Memory modules with slot numbers,

All drivers and user accounts, unused and locked accounts, all security hot fixes, all software versions and their usage. What’s more, this will also pull out all the license keys so that you can take a note of it for future reference.

It is also advisable to run it and keep a copy of it offline, in case you loose your pc or operating systems you have a list of all software, versions and other necessary information which will save some time of yours.

The Belarc Advisor creates a local Web page and does not send up your PC profile to a Web server or anywhere else. So no worries.

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