IoT (Internet of Things) India – Unmissable Growth Opportunity – Aug 2015 Update

Gartner predicts that 26 billion connected devices by 2020, or nearly three for every person on the planet, and Gartner also estimates that the global IoT industry is expected to clock $300-billion revenue.  In eastern India alone the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to generate revenues to the tune of $750–900 million , according to a report by PwC and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).


In order to ensure IoT is successful in India, there is a need for a strong collaboration and coordination between government and the industry to provide IoT products, solutions and services without compromising privacy, security and safety of people.

Here are some unmissable IoT news and events that happened in Aug 2015 in India


Reliance Communications tied up with US-based company named Jasper, that provides software for connected machines, IoT though the network of 120 telecom operators globally.  Reliance Communications in talks with several state governments to bag smart grid and smart city project and the company has recently launched five cloud connectivity centers across the country. Within five years, earnings from IoT and cloud business to contribute a fifth of its total revenue

Mobile Health Solution:

 It is a combination of IoT and wearables. The IoT is expected to have a profound effect on healthcare in India. Intel India is a microcosm of Intel and we want to keep it that way. Intel R&D will increase focus on developing local, customized solutions for the Indian market- because the market segments that are growing in India- particularly mobile and IoT call for more custom solutions than we have ever needed before.

New IoT Products:

D-Link introduced three new IOT devices in India

  • Wi-Fi Smart Plug to automate things around home to increase productivity. Schedule home device on/off and monitor energy usage
  • Motion Sensor to get a notification for every movement around your home’s front door.
  • Audio Extender to stream music across home.

Safety Management

The Internet of Things (IoT) to proactively monitor, manage, and maintain systems, and respond to unwanted situations. Senslytics focuses on building a platform for the industry specific IoT analytics needs. This can be deployed in private cloud, public cloud or in customer’s network.

Health Device Management

Netspective design a lot of small medical devices that are attached to operating beds or patients and the collected data are fed into safety critical clinical networks that need to make split-second decisions.

M2M ( Machine to Machine ) Industrial Solutions

EcoAxis believes the demand for more intelligent monitoring solutions will increase exponentially in the coming years. The upsurge in demand will also bring competition and EcoAxis is all prepared to leverage the market growth in the space of machine monitoring and analytics deploying IoT.

Tagging cattle and milk tankers:

Mother Diary is using IOT through GPS tracking of our tankers and temperature monitoring of the warehouses and products dispatch vehicles. Mother Diary is using new emerging technologies for tagging of cattle for animal health and nutrition information to monitoring stock levels at the outlets and homes, from automating the entire process of quality and environment monitoring, there is no area which will be left untouched


Some tips for new IoT startups in India: There are a lot of opportunities, but finding the right product-market fit could take some time. Set aside technology and  think about actual problems one encounters and then designing a solution.

Source: LinkedIn Post – IoT (Internet of Things) India – Unmissable Growth Opportunity – Aug 15 Update

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