Is India ready for the clouds?

Recently i talked about cloud computing. That made me think about what we are doing with clouds in this part of the world? We all know that cloud computing is all about applications, data and computing on the internet and in this part of the word we suffer a lot because of high internet latency, even bandwidth is a problem. High bandwidth is essential especially if the data to be transferred is videos or large files, but again latency is some thing we can’t reduce.
As this technology is just 10 years old, has started to see some potential here, particularly for mobile market.What is exclusive for India is that there will be offline computing and once your PDA/netbook gets a connection it will synchronize. I have my doubts about it.
I wonder what amazon, salesforce, ebay or google can do about latency? I have been working on hosted google docs for months now and i know i am better off because i get the latest document every time where ever i am ,and with version history, but mostly latency beats me up.

Netmagic Solutions in India is giving Cloud Solutions.

Netmagic will enable Indian enterprises to carry out their operations economically whilst maintaining high standards even during times of downturn. Netmagic is offering three services namely – CloudNet, CloudServe and PrivateCloud, which are designed to address key challenges of IT departments.


One Thought on “Is India ready for the clouds?

  1. Well…I don’t think India is ready for clouds YET. There are still the bandwidth issues that need to be resolved. Latency is too high and security is a big concern…honestly speaking, most companies may just turn down the idea because of these three reasons and security being the biggest one…
    .-= Achugh´s last blog ..Bing vs Google vs Yahoo – Update as of July 26th =-.

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