If you are human, you can earn some cents on mturk

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You can get paid by doing  human work which computers can’t do. This is like work from home and earn money.

Traditionally, such  tasks have been performed by hiring a large workforce, which is mostly outsourced to developed countries, which is time consuming and expensive exercise for any organization.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a web marketplace for work that requires human intelligence.

More details are available at mturk.    

Amazon Mechanical Turk, Inc., a subsidiary of Amazon.com Inc.  has announced that it now offers Web Workers the option to be paid in  indian rupees for the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) they complete successfully.

This is what is available for you to start working on:

Photo / Video Processing

Data Verification / Clean-up

Information Gathering

Data Processing

Is anybody making money at home using mturk? i don’t know but you can. Here is somebody who is.


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