Google takes you to the moon

What a way to celebrate 40th anniversary of man’s walk to the moon, and thanks to Google for making it extraordinary. A lot many people who are already familiar with Google Earth now can feel Google Moon.

This will let you walk through moon’s landing site , let you see 360 degree snaps and 3D view of the spacecraft, and what’s more you get to see exclusive tv recordings of the Apollo mission. Google Moon is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. One can get a lot of information on other robotic spacecraft that has visited the moon. The Moon in Google Earth project is done through Google’s partnerships with NASA

“This tool will make it easier for millions of people to learn about space, our moon and some of the most significant and dazzling discoveries humanity has accomplished together,” Anousheh Ansari, a trustee of X Prize Foundation and the first female private space explorer, said Monday on a Google blog.


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