Are you Going Google?

Want to switch from Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes to Goolge Apps, Google is open for you.

Google-hosted email, calendar applications provides 50 times more storage per user than the industry average storage per employee. It also reduces clutter with effective spam filtering and automatic message threading. Access it from any computer or mobile device, you also get Outlook and Blackberry interoperability.

Web apps for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, sites and video improve collaboration. Now you can work together, in real-time. Share documents between different machines, contacts and offices. Save time, save money.

Future is all about cloud applications, as they come with many advantages. Do not  waste time or money in buying, installing or managing email servers. Do not worry about hardware compatibility issues and software upgrades.

Google Apps includes a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Join the movement. Spread the word. Go Google.


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