Get the BIG picture, create images in gigapixels.

If you have a digital camera and want to create extremely large panoramas (series of pictures representing a continuous scene). Gigapixel panoramas provide new vision and discovery by sharing  amazing gigapixel images. If you are a person who can spend some good time with your camera this is going to make a dent on your imagination.

All you need is

A high quality digital camera

A good tripod

Ability to take zoomed-in and overlapped picture

Any image manipulation software which can stitch pictures togeather

Upload the picture on the free account on Gigapan

In some of pictures on their website you can keep zoom-in until a mile and you see it crystal clear. Do not believe my words you have to check it on the website.Check out Brazil on Gigapan, also take a look at Chicago Tourism.

Interested in more,GigapanSystems allows you to do all this automatically.Bring in a camera attach it to the GigaPan Epic, push some buttons to do the settings. Sit back and and watch it automatically organizing  them into the correct rows and columns needed to capture your panorama.


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