The future of light is OLED

Table Lamp from OsramHave a look at this table lamp from Osram. OLED (Organic light-emitting diodes) which was in labs for many years, now showing up in the consumer market. This market is predicted to be more than $10 billion in just 3 years. General Electric has already started using them to develop more energy-efficient lighting fixtures and windows. Other products based on OLED, which are already in the market are view finder, camera, cell phone screens and TVs. Unlike LCD (Liquid Crystal Displays) which requires backlighting, OLED does not require it.

OLEDs are:

  • Cheaper to manufacturer
  • More energy efficient
  • Can be printed easily
  • Physically flexible
  • Material is thinner and lighter

What i like most is that OLED comes in transparent sheet also which can be folded. However, OLEDs degrades over time and still not water-proof.

Want to read more: Project Topless (Thin Organic Polymeric Light Emitting Semi-conductor Surfaces) is a three year £3.3M project sponsored by the UK government to 50%. It comprises a consortium of Thorn Lighting (UK largest lighting company), Sumation UK and the University of Durham (Department of Physics and Chemistry). The aim of the project is to product a high quality white light generating single polymer, and efficient large area single pixel device architectures.


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