Future of Data Centers

Future is not about big data centers or complex data centers, it is about simplicity. Let’s take a look whats shaping the future of data center. At the end of this post you will have infographics on a) Global Data Center Survey and b) State of the Data Center, the growth and the growing importance of Data Center.

Speed ( Network )

Data centers are becoming heavily virtualized and increasing demand of video content is making 10GbE not  fast enough for toda’s Data Centers. You can expect 10GbE connections between servers within the same rack and 40GbE from rack switch to the core network switch or router or edge router.

SDN ( Software Defined Networks ) 

Your IT guys can quickly provision new servers and new storage but what about network as that’s not easy today, because each server they create they need to  manage network address, firewall settings and some other network parameters based on the organization network and security policies. Its tough job to automate network scalability, reliability and security. Openflow enables you to control the behavior of your network devices. Additionally openflow creates a common networking platform and you don’t have a lock-in.

Sustainability ( Green )

Not surprising at all that the power consumption used in data centers is more costly than the cost of the hardware  during its life time. Additionally organizations are facing increasingly pressure due to environmental implications of running these data centers, and regulatory requirements are increasing every year. You will see more or solar and bio-fuel, heat from servers can be used to power chillers that cool the water to be used in data centers. Using tools to monitor all data center resources will get more popular.

The kind of issues we today in Data Centers will drive most of the innovations in the future. Here is a current survey done on Data Center issues.

Data Center Issues

Some of the best information that can captured graphically is here:-

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