Boot me fast, faster, fastest

I have installed a lot of Linux variants and tried to time the boot time, one of my earlier post talks about booting PC in ten seconds. With netbooks getting too much of penetration and Google getting in to cloud based Operating Systems and pushing for quicker than ever boot time. Instead of counting how many hours i have wasted in my entire lifetime while waiting for my computer to boot up?  I would rather switch to a Linux distro.

HyperSpace technology from Phoenix can boot into stripped down execution environment right after the BIOS loads so that you can start using Firefox or GMail within seconds. Which bypasses the Windows OS. If you want to use MS Office then it can load the Windows OS.

Another project called Moblin, which is a open-source project got started to create an Atom-optimized OS for netbooks on the platform. It is an optimized Linux platform that provides a modern, engaging user experience for mobile devices, such as netbooks, MIDs, and IVI systems. Moblin has a common core of Application and User Interface services and APIs, which provide application developers a rich and consistent development environment across multiple device form factors.

Want more, MontaVista Linux can cold boot a PowerPC-based Freescale MPC5121e system-on-chip in just one second. You need to wait for this one until it is available.


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