Why i like clouds so much?

I have spent more than a decade dealing with servers, racks of storage, vendors who provide support. All of it takes a lot of capital, a lot of time and a hell lot of responsibilities that comes with every layer of technology you pile on to your infrastructure. After all this is done then you worry about provisioning, automation and agility.

Cloud enables organization to have their applications running in virtual data center which could be public or private. You may own physical resources and manage them remotely or you may get it from some vendor on pay-per-use basis.

What you will get out of this :

Scalability: that too incremental, as your operations go, as your workload increases, scale it and pay for that much.
Reliability: You don’t have to worry about crashed hard disk now.
Service Oriented: Do more automation and innovation on your service-side ,rather than hardware, operating system and application side.
API and Sharing: Use Cloud API’s and customize how application will be used.
Anywhere, Anytime: You no longer have to have those traditional computers just to use application. Application services are available, independent of the user devices and network interfaces.

Google Apps, which leverage cloud computing and a future with more computing power for less. Brin says:
The benefits of web-based services, also known as cloud computing, are clear. There is no installation. All data is stored safely in a data center (no worries if your hard drive crashes). It can be accessed anytime; anywhere there is a working web browser…


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