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No, this is not chimp, i am talking about This new service provides you a free domain name and a website, and other whole bunch of identity management stuff like blog, twitter, facebook,  skype and flickr content. It even give you a RSS of your website. Have a look at, this is not complete. You can make it much better if you interface it with all online services and start using it as your website.From website, what it has to offer.

  • A FREE domain name, OpenID and Website
  • Rich profile with tiered privacy settings
  • Manage all of your contacts with the
    Ultimate Black Book
  • Import content and services from the Web
  • Publish and push your content
  • Export your contacts and content at any time
  • And so much more…

How to get started on
1. Select and register your .mp domain

IMPORTANT: This will be YOUR domain name. It’s your unique piece of the Internet. You’ll have it for many years, if not decades. Give this some thought and choose wisely.

2. Fill out your profile.
3. Set up your services
5. Design and customize.
6. Create Personas and assign access.

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