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If you are human, you can earn some cents on mturk

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You can get paid by doing  human work which computers can’t do. This is like work from home and earn money.

Traditionally, such  tasks have been performed by hiring a large workforce, which is mostly outsourced to developed countries, which is time consuming and expensive exercise for any organization.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a web marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. Read More …

Why i blog?



It removes the writer’s block, increases your online presence, no sense in hiding behind or anonymity.

It’s laxative, brings me more clarity to my thoughts and feelings.

I can humanize a conversation rather than fabricate a corporate jargon.

Sharing experiences and helping similar group of people.

It is all about spreading messages, taking feedback.

Welcome to Career with slashes, i am not talking about job.

Improve English writing skills, as English is not my first language.

I can actually find out what makes me kick.

See What Tom Peters and Seth Godin are saying about blogging?