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Amazon launches AWS Glacier cloud storage

Managing long-term digital archive could be a challenge for almost every company. Many enterprises have regulatory requirements for retain data, and that too for decades. We all are aware that digital data is growing exponentially, and storing/managing this huge data is an operational challenge. One can use multiple data  centers to store all that data but there is huge capital and operational cost. Storage systems, tape libraries, robotic storage, vendor contracts, rent, aircon and power -all that adds challenges. Continue reading

How to remove USB flash drive easily and safely?

Every time i try to remove my USB drive, i need to close some windows, some times i need to close some applications, still sometimes i see myself removing it forcibly. But that was until now. Now i use ejectUSB. What it does is, it closes all programs running from a specified drive or folder and then tries ejection. Additionally, it flushes the cache, closes explorer windows, removes registry entries and removes Recent Document shortcuts referencing the specified drive or folder. You can download ejectUSB, as it is freeware. Continue reading

Google Chrome OS

Redesigning Operating System, yes that is what Google just did. Speed, simplicty and lightweigt that is what is going to dominate. Most of the data stays on the web so you get the minimal operating systems installed on your computer. Once again what google says is that you don’t have to spend that much time in booting up the computer, waiting for things to load which you don’t need, then start the browser just to do some small work. No need to spend that much money, time and efforts in moving your work from one machine to another machine. Read more about this at Google Blog. Continue reading