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The Art, Science and Maths of IT Solution Proposal

Do you also think that a good proposal with an average solution is better than a bad proposal with a great solution? What does it take to create a great proposal? a winning proposal; that makes everybody win. Is it an art, science or both?  Does it involve a bit of Maths too?
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IoT (Internet of Things) India – Unmissable Growth Opportunity – Aug 2015 Update

Gartner predicts that 26 billion connected devices by 2020, or nearly three for every person on the planet, and Gartner also estimates that the global IoT industry is expected to clock $300-billion revenue.  In eastern India alone the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to generate revenues to the tune of $750–900 million , according to a report by PwC and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). Read More …

Technology for collective intelligence

Collective IntelligenceInternet has enabled a large quantity of people on this planet to work togeather in new ways, with new connections developing everyday -to define new intelligence between people and technology. There is a strong need to understand these connections so that we can use them intelligently to work for the benefit of humanity.

Know everything about your computer, No installation

Windows OS may tell you a lot about your computer, but in case you need to know all the details of hardware and software of your PC you need something else like Belarc Advisor,which is free to download, which could tell you: System Serial Number, Chassis Serial Number, Board Type, Memory modules with slot numbers,

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Test Windows 7 in the cloud

We know that Windows 7 is still to come full-on, but cloud service providers are offering Windows 7 testing. So if you are a software developer company and plan to test your code on Windows 7, you can test it in the cloud. If your organization wants to run some compatibility tests before upgrading to Windows 7, test it in the cloud. Read More …

Are you Going Google?

Want to switch from Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes to Goolge Apps, Google is open for you.

Google-hosted email, calendar applications provides 50 times more storage per user than the industry average storage per employee. It also reduces clutter with effective spam filtering and automatic message threading. Access it from any computer or mobile device, you also get Outlook and Blackberry interoperability. Read More …

Different Computers, Different Browsers, Same Bookmarks

Do you use more than one computer? One for home and one for office. Do you frequently miss your bookmarks if you have to use some other computer? Do you work with different browsers on different operating operating systems. It is time that you should start using web-based bookmarking or should we say that put your bookmarks in the cloud.      Read More …

Broken car parts, make it at home with 3D printer

If you have an old car with broken handle and you are not able to get it from your dealer. You can print it at home. Yes, with the help of 3D printer with ABSPlus plastic, connected to your Windows XP machine over regular network connection. All that, without noxious fumes or toxic materials, no vents, no extra handling or requirements. What’s more you can even use 3D scanner to scan a part and duplicate it on 3D printer. Read More …

Who is your #1 contact?

If you use MS Outlook for email in office and want to know:-

  • Who is your number one contact?
  • Who is responding to your email fastest?
  • What is the best time to expect a response from your boss?
  • Who is having better ranking? your boss, your spouse or your ex-colleague.
  • Who is on linkedin or facebook?

Xobni pulls contact info from email signatures, message bodies, Outlook contacts, as well as from  LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoovers, Skype, and Yahoo. Read More …

Build Your Own Operating System

Select and add modules before you actaully build and install operating system. Want to make a multimedia operating system chose your modules from the list. Just want to have graphic, editor and artwork tools, you can select those only.  SLAX is very small, fast and eye candy Linux operating system with modular approach. It runs from the CD without installing the OS on the hard disk. You can even run it on a computer which is not having a hard disk or even on a computer wth crashed windows operating system. It can also work as a live CD which you can use on any computer and start working. Read More …