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Write polymers with nanopen

Last few years have been really good for nanotechnology, i was really impressed years back when i heard of a golf ball which was able to correct its flight and was able to defy wind. Remember that commercial Change your ball and change your game! Read More …

Clouds again, this one is private

IT managers are sure that there is a lot of cost saving and reduced efforts if they move to cloud, but IT business decision makers are still skeptic. So there is a trend that organization are moving to private cloud before they decide to move on to the public cloud. I have already talked about clouds at Enter the clouds and Why i like clouds?, Private clouds can do resource provisioning and de-provisioning very fast and you have the control over your virtual environment. Read More …

The future of light is OLED

Table Lamp from OsramHave a look at this table lamp from Osram. OLED (Organic light-emitting diodes) which was in labs for many years, now showing up in the consumer market. This market is predicted to be more than $10 billion in just 3 years. General Electric has already started using them to develop more energy-efficient lighting fixtures and windows. Other products based on OLED, which are already in the market are view finder, camera, Read More …

Latest Supercomputer: Chinook from HP

Having power of more than 9000 desktops. Around 23,000 hard disk drives provide a terabyte per second of disk bandwidth.  How much is that? enough to transfer 126 DVD movies in just one second. Chinook can perform 163 trillion calculations per second. If you sit down with pencil and paper and do one multiplication problem per second, every second, it would take over five million years to do what Chinook can do in one second.
If want to know other technical performance capabilities you can visit SciDAC website.


Broken car parts, make it at home with 3D printer

If you have an old car with broken handle and you are not able to get it from your dealer. You can print it at home. Yes, with the help of 3D printer with ABSPlus plastic, connected to your Windows XP machine over regular network connection. All that, without noxious fumes or toxic materials, no vents, no extra handling or requirements. What’s more you can even use 3D scanner to scan a part and duplicate it on 3D printer. Read More …

Is India ready for the clouds?

Recently i talked about cloud computing. That made me think about what we are doing with clouds in this part of the world? We all know that cloud computing is all about applications, data and computing on the internet and in this part of the word we suffer a lot because of high internet latency, even bandwidth is a problem. High bandwidth is essential especially if the data to be transferred is videos or large files, but again latency is some thing we can’t reduce. Read More …

Google Chrome OS

Redesigning Operating System, yes that is what Google just did. Speed, simplicty and lightweigt that is what is going to dominate. Most of the data stays on the web so you get the minimal operating systems installed on your computer. Once again what google says is that you don’t have to spend that much time in booting up the computer, waiting for things to load which you don’t need, then start the browser just to do some small work. No need to spend that much money, time and efforts in moving your work from one machine to another machine. Read more about this at Google Blog. Read More …

Why i like clouds so much?

I have spent more than a decade dealing with servers, racks of storage, vendors who provide support. All of it takes a lot of capital, a lot of time and a hell lot of responsibilities that comes with every layer of technology you pile on to your infrastructure. After all this is done then you worry about provisioning, automation and agility.

Cloud enables organization to have their applications running in virtual data center which could be public or private. You may own physical resources and manage them remotely or you may get it from some vendor on pay-per-use basis.

What you will get out of this :

Read More …

Get to work fast by booting your PC in 10 seconds from USB based operating system

Just wanted to shoot some e-mails, wanted to browse internet for some information or just updating some documents on line. You don’t need to boot your computer from legacy operating system and wait for the OS to come up and then open the browser. In-between there might be many start-ups and other unnecessary tools coming up only to delay your short work.

xPUD9.0How about if you can boot your computer from USB drive, in just 10 seconds.

xPUD will do it for  you. Fastest desktop operating system ever. Highly intuitive and kiosk like interface.

Can you guesstimate about the size of this operating system,  just 51MB.

xPUD ISO can be download for free.     Read More …

Get the BIG picture, create images in gigapixels.

If you have a digital camera and want to create extremely large panoramas (series of pictures representing a continuous scene). Gigapixel panoramas provide new vision and discovery by sharing  amazing gigapixel images. If you are a person who can spend some good time with your camera this is going to make a dent on your imagination.

All you need is

A high quality digital camera

A good tripod

Ability to take zoomed-in and overlapped picture

Any image manipulation software which can stitch pictures togeather

Upload the picture on the free account on Gigapan

In some of pictures on their website you can keep zoom-in until a mile and you see it crystal clear. Do not believe my words you have to check it on the website. Read More …