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Buy friends and followers online

This is more controversial and less innovative. It seems nobody wants it. But this game was expected. Real friends are priceless ,but online friends can be bought. uSocial is now offering us all the chance to buy Facebook friends for a tidy sum of money.  One thousand Facebook friends will cost you $177.30 while 5,000 will cost you $654.30. Read More … gone for $3 Million is just a domain name and this weekend it was sold for $3 Million. You might be wondering why, but there should not be any surprise given the importance of domain name in age of internet marketing.  A domain name is your own unique identity and your business depends on it.
But why some domain names are sold for over a million dollars when you can buy a domain name for $10, like i bought for $9.95. Read More …

If you are human, you can earn some cents on mturk

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You can get paid by doing  human work which computers can’t do. This is like work from home and earn money.

Traditionally, such  tasks have been performed by hiring a large workforce, which is mostly outsourced to developed countries, which is time consuming and expensive exercise for any organization.

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a web marketplace for work that requires human intelligence. Read More …