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Linux for Kids

One more Operating System just for kids, is Sugar on a Stick, which is a live OS and can be used from a USB stick. This will protect your computer from kids, and kids can use Operating System on any computer they like. This can be used on a computer without a hard disk. Easily available for download.

You’ll need a USB flash drive of  a size of at least 1 GB to install space for saving your work and changes to the system. Read More …

Use iPhone/Java phone to login to Linux

Can’t stay away from your Linux(Unix) computer. There are many applications for iPhone and java phone which will let you get in to the Linux computer. You can even transfer files between your phone and Unix computer. If you are a geek for Command Line Interface this might be a fillip for you.

MidpSSH is an SSH and Telnet client for MIDP 1.0 / 2.0 (J2ME) devices such as Java(tm)-capable cellphones and other PDAs/mobile devices. Now you don’t need to carry a laptop with internet connection. Read More …

Get to work fast by booting your PC in 10 seconds from USB based operating system

Just wanted to shoot some e-mails, wanted to browse internet for some information or just updating some documents on line. You don’t need to boot your computer from legacy operating system and wait for the OS to come up and then open the browser. In-between there might be many start-ups and other unnecessary tools coming up only to delay your short work.

xPUD9.0How about if you can boot your computer from USB drive, in just 10 seconds.

xPUD will do it for  you. Fastest desktop operating system ever. Highly intuitive and kiosk like interface.

Can you guesstimate about the size of this operating system,  just 51MB.

xPUD ISO can be download for free.     Read More …

Migrating from Unix to Linux

We all know ,that now Linux is here for years and quite stable, a lot may enterprises are betting on the capability of what Linux can provide. Do we need a feature to feature caparison with Solaris, HP-UX or AIX . I guess we should not, as there are still a lot many factors like organization plan and support where big enterprises are showing resistance in migrating from Unix to Linux. But yes, Read More …

No Hard Disk, No Windows, No Problem.

If you have a computer having a crashed hard disk or it is not coming up with windows. Can you access internet? Your obvious answer would be no. But, wait. There are live CDs which you can use and boot your computer, this allows you to access all your computer resources like, network, USB drives, hard disks etc.

Most of these live CDs will have all the software necessary to do your work online. Addition to this if you mostly work on a cloud based application , you will never need Windows XP. Read More …

How a live CD can save your day , or your life.

Crashed your computer’s Operating System, need to access data residing on the hard disk. Broken hard disk, need to access internet to send some important e-mail. Need to debug your hardware, but don’t want to play with  your current operating system.

Live CD is the answer to these problems, live CD contains an operating system with which you can boot your computer and use all the available computer resources. If you are worried that it can alter your current operating system , no it can not. Once you have the operating system running from the live CD, try exploring different options. Read More …