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Why ubuntu is the best OS?

TEMP01 Oct. 19 16.16 I have used RedHat, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Fedora, Slackware, Mandrake & Windows at home, and used Solaris, AIX, HP-UX & RedHat in my career. Never ever i was able to appreciate any OS so much before, but Ubuntu is terrific, awesome and simply great.

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Future is bright with seL4 kernel

If  security is your most important concern for your computation, seL4 kernel will solve all future problems. This is the first time that an operating system has passed rugged security tests. The research also found that many kinds of common attacks will not work on the seL4 kernel. For example, the microkernel is impervious to buffer overflows, a common form of software attack where hackers take control of programs by injecting malicious code. Products based on seL4 are expected to be available in the market in 2011. Read More …

One Million Virtual Machines, to beat the BotNet

BotNet is a collection of autonomously and automatically running software robots on infected computers, controlled by some remote command center, used for the purpose of internet frauds and other online crimes. Now even cellphones are potential target of BotNet. According to some authentic report, there are more than 9% of the computers on the internet which are part of BotNet now. According to CIA World Fact Book, there are about 1.3 billion user devices Read More …

Linux on Mainframe, by IBM

Linux is getting bigger and bigger. IBM’s System z Solution Edition Series are there for customers who want to migrate from older HP and Sun Unix systems. I am happy that mainframe still lives and linux is getting used on it.

“Now more than ever, companies and government are looking for ways to maximize their IT investments,” said Karl Freund, vice president of IBM System z strategy and marketing in a statement.

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Latest Supercomputer: Chinook from HP

Having power of more than 9000 desktops. Around 23,000 hard disk drives provide a terabyte per second of disk bandwidth.  How much is that? enough to transfer 126 DVD movies in just one second. Chinook can perform 163 trillion calculations per second. If you sit down with pencil and paper and do one multiplication problem per second, every second, it would take over five million years to do what Chinook can do in one second.
If want to know other technical performance capabilities you can visit SciDAC website.


Microsoft shares code for Linux Kernel

Can’t comment too much about it, but yes virtualization is the the road where both the opponents have met and shared something. Release of code worth 20,000 lines  under the GPLv2 open source license will be used to help Linux run as guests on Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 through  Hyper-V virtualization technology.

What i failed to get is that Microsoft is releasing code under GPLv2, that might mean that i will be able to see the code. Read More …

Boot me fast, faster, fastest

I have installed a lot of Linux variants and tried to time the boot time, one of my earlier post talks about booting PC in ten seconds. With netbooks getting too much of penetration and Google getting in to cloud based Operating Systems and pushing for quicker than ever boot time. Instead of counting how many hours i have wasted in my entire lifetime while waiting for my computer to boot up?  I would rather switch to a Linux distro. Read More …

More on Google Chrome OS

If you don’t know Google  is an Operating System company now. This article is more on the same.

Is Google Chrome Free?

Yes, it is open source and will be available at no cost to the end users.

Who are the Google’s partners in this?

Semiconductor vendors: Freescale, Qualcomm, and Texas Insruments Read More …

Linux for home automation

Let the Blinds go up and down automatically and close your Windows. Control your lights from any Device (Remote, Mobile Phone, PDA ). You do not need to stand up again. Play your Media Files, DVDs, CDs, TV where-ever you are. Answer your calls from any where in the house, let any call be transferred to your mobile, when you are outside. LinuxMCE can do that for you. Read More …

Build Your Own Operating System

Select and add modules before you actaully build and install operating system. Want to make a multimedia operating system chose your modules from the list. Just want to have graphic, editor and artwork tools, you can select those only.  SLAX is very small, fast and eye candy Linux operating system with modular approach. It runs from the CD without installing the OS on the hard disk. You can even run it on a computer which is not having a hard disk or even on a computer wth crashed windows operating system. It can also work as a live CD which you can use on any computer and start working. Read More …