Business of the Future

Did i ask the right question? What is the business of the future? or should i ask What is the future of the business? It Is the Business of the Future to Be Dangerous is a quote from the mathematician/philosopher Alfred Whitehead. But what he was trying to say is very clear now, it is not dangerous because future businesses are going to be put us in danger. It is dangerous for people who are not getting this changing equation or have absolutely no idea what its going to be like.

There are so many businesses which are facing extinction in near future. So danger is there for people who are just complaining about the change and not getting the necessary idea that goes along with the change. Be it CD/records, camera films, news papers, pay phones and many other businesses. It is almost Game Over for them. Many more to come.

Most people are still misunderstanding the current situation and making their plans on continuity, which is dangerous. With so much of e-business around it is fatal to predict future based on present. Disruption is everywhere, innovation is everywhere, change is everywhere. Businesses have started debating about the speed of the innovation.

Preference is given to business gurus who are good at re-writing the rules, who avoid formal structure and prefer teamwork, who can embrace the uncertainty.


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