Billboard that looks back at you, and does more

Be ready for your pictures to be taken by the billboard you at.

Who does not like new technology products and latest gadgets, but how about the threat that comes with it ? You like those super zoom digital cameras with motion sensors, but are you ready for such cameras hidden at the public places taking your pictures for some project, they call it  automated audience measurement. You look at those billboards on the roadside and they capture data about you.

Look at the features of CognoVision’s AIM platform.

  • Actual Impressions – The number of people who look at your displays
  • Length of Impressions – How long people look for
  • Potential Audience Size – The number of people who walk by
  • Dwell Time – How long people stay near your displays
  • Anonymous Demographics – Demographics of your audience (gender and age bracket)

For more on such products visit  Studioimc and Quividi.

These webcams and software are intelligent enough to track your eye gaze, can judge whether it is a purposeful gaze or unintentional. It is a long journey, from old traditional bill board to data capturing bill board for audience tracking.

But again, we know that we have cameras all over the places- banks, offices or public places, then why we show so much of security concern over hidden cameras. For me, i know that now i won’t look at that Donna Karan hoarding, which is on my way to the office. But certainly, i can’t miss that new one from Victoria’s Secret.


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