How i saved and owned my tweets?

Do you like the idea of writing something on the web and not able to track it later. On twitter, clicking more became so troublesome that i had to think about backing up my tweets. There are many ways you can archive tweets, use some online services from, & But again that data is not online. So the best way i found out it is:to have a wordpress blog just for saving your tweets and keeping it online. Even twitter goes away -your tweets are online till eternity.

I have which is an automatic online archive of . This is how what i did:-

  • install a fresh wordpress blog on your domain with P2 theme.
  • activate P2 theme
  • install Twitter Tools from
  • configure the settings for Twitter Tools Options with your twitter username and password
  • do other configurations for daily digest and weekly digest.

Other quick way to backup your tweets is to save the RSS of your tweeter account frequently, better automate this process with rss2html and wget. I know it is getting a bit geeky now.

Now i realized another problem with having my tweets online till eternity. What if all URL shortening services go off., etc.  So i am getting my own url shortening service running on my other domain, which also let me chose the URL.  In case of i can chose the complete URL, as there is something random that always gets in. points back to this blog article, similarly also points back to this blog article only but it makes more sense if i read it, and the best part is that i owned the domain and i run the URL shortening service.

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