Amazon launches AWS Glacier cloud storage

Managing long-term digital archive could be a challenge for almost every company. Many enterprises have regulatory requirements for retain data, and that too for decades. We all are aware that digital data is growing exponentially, and storing/managing this huge data is an operational challenge. One can use multiple data  centers to store all that data but there is huge capital and operational cost. Storage systems, tape libraries, robotic storage, vendor contracts, rent, aircon and power -all that adds challenges.

What is Amazon Glacier?

New, long-term, low-cost, secure and durable storage for data archival and backup.

How it integrate with AWS ecosystem?


What does it offer? What’s new?

Data such like digital media archives, financial and healthcare records, raw genomic sequence data and long-term database backups as being ideal for Glacier

How much does it cost?

Very low cost as compared to any other cloud service.

$0.01 per gigabyte per month

No upfront commitment

Storage Price : $0.01 per GB / month

Request Price :

UPLOAD and RETRIEVAL Requests $0.050 per 1,000 requests

LISTVAULTS, GETJOBOUTPUT, DELETE† and all other Requests Free


Data Transfer IN               Data Transfer Price:

All data transfer in               $0.000 per GB

Data Transfer OUT

First 1 GB / month               $0.000 per GB

Up to 10 TB / month           $0.120 per GB

Next 40 TB / month           $0.090 per GB

Next 100 TB / month          $0.070 per GB

Next 350 TB / month          $0.050 per GB


What will change?

Glacier is definitely not about short-term planning, this is a brand new approach to data archiving that is designed to help maintain information throughout the decade and century. Glacier seems to be perfect fit for enterprises that have long-term goals in mind.

In a long term, essentially you can see this as a replacement for tape


This solution targets large organizations with regulatory compliance, and media,medicine and entertainment companies with large amounts of digital storage.

Amazon said that in “coming months” it will allow customers to “seamlessly” move data between S3 and Glacier based on data lifecycle policies


Migration of data

Bandwidth related cost with your current hosting/data storage environment

But again, keep in mind that there is nothing else that is more reasonably affordable solution than AWS Glacier.


Need to know more …

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