What are you printing today? Gun, Car, Human Organ, Space Rocket Or A Door Handle

Just look at the interest that is gaining in 3d printing over last 2 years. While 3d printing has been there for a while but it was never a mainstream application. 1983 was supposed to be the birth of 3d printing, and then came open-source collaboration and market place,but it was recently only that low cost 3d printers are entering and creating new market place.

While NASA has recently approved 3d printed parts to be used in space and General Electric Co. (GE)  is predicting that 3d printing could disrupt the economy of the future. 3D printing is also predicted to revolutionize fashion industry  as now 3D-printed accessories can be custom-designed to fit any body shape and printed on demand.

Now, imagine this for a second . The meat you eat is 3D printed or how about a 3D printed gun that fires real bullets. Future of sex toys is also 3D printing. Info graphic below explains the evolution of 3d printing in details

The rise of 3d printing revolution

The rise of 3d printing revolution

 What Does A 3D Printed Bunny Cost?

Source: Shapeways

Tissue engineering and bio-printing started a many decades back and in the near future 3d printers would be able construct full body organs

Printing the Human Body

Printing the Human Body


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