SMB | Summary of India Cloud Study Results | May 2012 | Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing

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Here is the brief of Cloud Study Results conducted by Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Division

Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Division conducted research among small and midsize businesses (SMBs), defined as companies with between 100 and 250 PCs in the U.S., India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. The goal of the study was to gather data to better understand the cloud’s benefits relating to IT costs, Read more…

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The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information | Gartner June 2012

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The management of this complexity falls on the ecosystem of technology providers — from enterprise IT shops to cloud service providers to device manufacturers — and the ease with which pieces fit together and flex around unforeseen scenarios. The task of enterprise leaders is to hide complexity under a layer of simplicity.  Read more…

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We had the intuition, and we were able to confirm it based on the data

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The darker side of big data allowed these scary marketers steer Mac users to the pricier hotel. We know that websites know which PC, cell phone, and browser we use and we also know that McKinsey Global Institute tells us that big data is the next frontier for innovation, competitive advantage productivity -but this was a shocking news, so if your are price sensitive make sure you click ‘sort by price’ because your browser cookies are telling the retailer that you are a rich guy. Read more…