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Why ubuntu is the best OS?

TEMP01 Oct. 19 16.16 I have used RedHat, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo, Fedora, Slackware, Mandrake & Windows at home, and used Solaris, AIX, HP-UX & RedHat in my career. Never ever i was able to appreciate any OS so much before, but Ubuntu is terrific, awesome and simply great.

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.YourNameHere is available for $185,000

Forget about having or, now you can have www.anything.YourNameHere . But instead of $10 you need to pay $185,000. Expect domain names like .Walmart, .Amazon or .nyc soon. Read More …

How i saved and owned my tweets?

Do you like the idea of writing something on the web and not able to track it later. On twitter, clicking more became so troublesome that i had to think about backing up my tweets. There are many ways you can archive tweets, use some online services from, & But again that data is not online. So the best way i found out it is: Read More …

Use natural language to edit colors, innovation by Xerox

This is hard to believe, now i don’t have to search, point and click on yellow color and improve it’s hue and again next yellow. Xerox has done this job easier. Xerox has developed a natural language that allows users to simply describe the color they want without having to deal with the mathematics. This concept is called paint by number.

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Know everything about your computer, No installation

Windows OS may tell you a lot about your computer, but in case you need to know all the details of hardware and software of your PC you need something else like Belarc Advisor,which is free to download, which could tell you: System Serial Number, Chassis Serial Number, Board Type, Memory modules with slot numbers,

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Blog Update for, I am more on micro-blogging now, using twitter.

There’s a lot to say and the process of blogging on small topics introduces lag. So apart from this blog, watch out for my regular twitter updates too. If you can’t access twitter directly click on to get recent updates.

See How does the internet see you?

Yogesh Malik

Want to see how internet characterize your name from a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data? Let the internet create a data portrait of your  aggregated online identity Read More …

human edited directory of twitter users

Recently Twitter announced a major new feature soon to launch: the ability to create sharable lists of users around topics of interest. There comes works as a twitter directory, allows you to create a variety of groups of friends, colleagues. Read More …

Cure Anti-Social Business Disorder

It is time to bridge the gap between social and corporate micro blogging. Just like Twitter, Hashwork is a online service that lets you write short message and status updates. But it is for corporate, Hashwork subscribers can create more groups, which is not there in the twitter. Read More … is the winner for single letter .biz, sold for $66,001

Recently started selling single letter domain names for .biz, and was the winner. Runner up was sold for $32,003.

Unofficial price list from $32,003 $5,801

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