How to get pregnant, remove dark circles & Linux, and install window xp? Funny Google Auto Suggestion

It was quite amusing to see Auto Suggestion in Google Search last week when i was trying to remove one of Linux Operating System from my home computer. I had multiple operating systems installed,  i wanted to make sure that i am not hurting other operating systems in order to remove  one linux. So my purpose was to type How to remove Linux on Google Search and see if i get some relevant information, but it was an amusing observation which i had, which later turned in to the Title of this Article. Enjoy…

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Open Books : Google Vs Amazon, Microsoft & Yahoo

I would be surprised if you have never visited Google Books to read a book, or at least a part of book. You can browse online books, some are available in full, others are protected by license, but, still you can read a part of it. These books became a part of Google from the Partner Program and the Library Project. Some books are available in the public domain, can you believe that you can download Hamlet in PDF form and read it later or email it to some one who wants to have a digital copy. Continue reading

Use your PC or virtual machine with iphone

There are many applications for mobile phone which can control some part of administrating a windows PC, but this one gives you complete access to PC or windows virtual machine.

Wyse PocketCloud, provides systems administrators complete access to virtual desktops remotely through an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. It is an extension of of Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 6.0 to connect and communicate with virtual or physical machines. Continue reading

Do you own a

No, this is not chimp, i am talking about This new service provides you a free domain name and a website, and other whole bunch of identity management stuff like blog, twitter, facebook,  skype and flickr content. It even give you a RSS of your website. Have a look at, this is not complete. You can make it much better if you interface it with all online services and start using it as your website. Continue reading

Future is bright with seL4 kernel

If  security is your most important concern for your computation, seL4 kernel will solve all future problems. This is the first time that an operating system has passed rugged security tests. The research also found that many kinds of common attacks will not work on the seL4 kernel. For example, the microkernel is impervious to buffer overflows, a common form of software attack where hackers take control of programs by injecting malicious code. Products based on seL4 are expected to be available in the market in 2011. Continue reading

Stop Searching, Start Finding. GSA (Google Search Appliance)

Redefining ROI, that is exactly what Google did this time, before you get me wrong ROI here is Return On Information. You might have invested millions on IT infrastructure, databases, Content Systems, Business Intelligence, Battery of Web Servers. But, if your users are not able to find the right information at the right time, What is the use of all that? The Google Search Appliance 6.0 (GSA) helps organizations of all sizes increase Return on Information by delivering the instant, relevant search results your employees need to make the most of their time and budgets. Continue reading

Clouds again, this one is private

IT managers are sure that there is a lot of cost saving and reduced efforts if they move to cloud, but IT business decision makers are still skeptic. So there is a trend that organization are moving to private cloud before they decide to move on to the public cloud. I have already talked about clouds at Enter the clouds and Why i like clouds?, Private clouds can do resource provisioning and de-provisioning very fast and you have the control over your virtual environment. Continue reading

One Million Virtual Machines, to beat the BotNet

BotNet is a collection of autonomously and automatically running software robots on infected computers, controlled by some remote command center, used for the purpose of internet frauds and other online crimes. Now even cellphones are potential target of BotNet. According to some authentic report, there are more than 9% of the computers on the internet which are part of BotNet now. According to CIA World Fact Book, there are about 1.3 billion user devices Continue reading

How to remove USB flash drive easily and safely?

Every time i try to remove my USB drive, i need to close some windows, some times i need to close some applications, still sometimes i see myself removing it forcibly. But that was until now. Now i use ejectUSB. What it does is, it closes all programs running from a specified drive or folder and then tries ejection. Additionally, it flushes the cache, closes explorer windows, removes registry entries and removes Recent Document shortcuts referencing the specified drive or folder. You can download ejectUSB, as it is freeware. Continue reading