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How to protect kids from unsafe internet?

Before you think that the regular internet browser you use is okay for your kids too, take a look at this screen-shot which i took from my PC while my 5 yo son was playing a game on one of very reputed web site.

You need to build separate environment for kids which are of age 3-14, preferable a separate Operating System which boots from another hard-disk or from USB/live CD. But the least you must do is to give them secure browser environment. KidZui is a free Web browser, search engine and online playground for kids 3-12.  Read More …

Is India ready for the clouds?

Recently i talked about cloud computing. That made me think about what we are doing with clouds in this part of the world? We all know that cloud computing is all about applications, data and computing on the internet and in this part of the word we suffer a lot because of high internet latency, even bandwidth is a problem. High bandwidth is essential especially if the data to be transferred is videos or large files, but again latency is some thing we can’t reduce. Read More …

More on Google Chrome OS

If you don’t know Google  is an Operating System company now. This article is more on the same.

Is Google Chrome Free?

Yes, it is open source and will be available at no cost to the end users.

Who are the Google’s partners in this?

Semiconductor vendors: Freescale, Qualcomm, and Texas Insruments Read More …

Linux for home automation

Let the Blinds go up and down automatically and close your Windows. Control your lights from any Device (Remote, Mobile Phone, PDA ). You do not need to stand up again. Play your Media Files, DVDs, CDs, TV where-ever you are. Answer your calls from any where in the house, let any call be transferred to your mobile, when you are outside. LinuxMCE can do that for you. Read More …

Build Your Own Operating System

Select and add modules before you actaully build and install operating system. Want to make a multimedia operating system chose your modules from the list. Just want to have graphic, editor and artwork tools, you can select those only.  SLAX is very small, fast and eye candy Linux operating system with modular approach. It runs from the CD without installing the OS on the hard disk. You can even run it on a computer which is not having a hard disk or even on a computer wth crashed windows operating system. It can also work as a live CD which you can use on any computer and start working. Read More …

$300 Million Button

Being in IT business for more than a decade, i don’t remember how many times i have created accounts on various IT vendors web sites. Some times just to get some technical document, some times just to get some small download. I know it is required by them for one reason or another, but definitely it gives very bad user experience. They need to conduct usability test to study what people are doing on their websites? How many accounts are created and never used. They also need to find out how many users are leaving website just before the registration page? Read More …

Google Chrome OS

Redesigning Operating System, yes that is what Google just did. Speed, simplicty and lightweigt that is what is going to dominate. Most of the data stays on the web so you get the minimal operating systems installed on your computer. Once again what google says is that you don’t have to spend that much time in booting up the computer, waiting for things to load which you don’t need, then start the browser just to do some small work. No need to spend that much money, time and efforts in moving your work from one machine to another machine. Read more about this at Google Blog. Read More …

Why i like clouds so much?

I have spent more than a decade dealing with servers, racks of storage, vendors who provide support. All of it takes a lot of capital, a lot of time and a hell lot of responsibilities that comes with every layer of technology you pile on to your infrastructure. After all this is done then you worry about provisioning, automation and agility.

Cloud enables organization to have their applications running in virtual data center which could be public or private. You may own physical resources and manage them remotely or you may get it from some vendor on pay-per-use basis.

What you will get out of this :

Read More …

Linux for Kids

One more Operating System just for kids, is Sugar on a Stick, which is a live OS and can be used from a USB stick. This will protect your computer from kids, and kids can use Operating System on any computer they like. This can be used on a computer without a hard disk. Easily available for download.

You’ll need a USB flash drive of  a size of at least 1 GB to install space for saving your work and changes to the system. Read More …

Wikipedia for sports, Jockipedia



Are you still searching wikipedia for your favorite athletes or sports? Stop doing that.  Jockipedia is here. This all about Web 2.0 version life of your favorite athletes. Twitter, blogs, websites and images, all links given.

What’s more, it gives you an opportunity to create your own webpage. All you need to do is to get an account. Primarily you can search based on athlete, league, sports and country. Read More …