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Writing While Driving,Which font to use?

This is not about how to write while driving? This is more interesting, this is about writing with the car. What do you get by doing this? a new font, IQ font. This was surprisingly amazing to see such creative typograph by Typographers Pierre & Damien and ‘Font Driver’ Stef van Campenhoudt. Quite amazing. The car movements were tracked using some custom software. Read More …

Different Computers, Different Browsers, Same Bookmarks

Do you use more than one computer? One for home and one for office. Do you frequently miss your bookmarks if you have to use some other computer? Do you work with different browsers on different operating operating systems. It is time that you should start using web-based bookmarking or should we say that put your bookmarks in the cloud.      Read More …

Really Real-time Search Engine

Google,Yahoo or Bing can search what you are looking for, but what about searching from the content which is fresh like twitter, microblogging and recent news. We know twitter also has a search, but what about if you want to know what is getting streamed on WordPress, CNN, Reuters, Flickr and Twitter?

Collecta is for really real-time searching, on a single page you can have multiple search . You can even pause and resume a particular search. I know it is fast Read More …

Broken car parts, make it at home with 3D printer

If you have an old car with broken handle and you are not able to get it from your dealer. You can print it at home. Yes, with the help of 3D printer with ABSPlus plastic, connected to your Windows XP machine over regular network connection. All that, without noxious fumes or toxic materials, no vents, no extra handling or requirements. What’s more you can even use 3D scanner to scan a part and duplicate it on 3D printer. Read More …

Who is your #1 contact?

If you use MS Outlook for email in office and want to know:-

  • Who is your number one contact?
  • Who is responding to your email fastest?
  • What is the best time to expect a response from your boss?
  • Who is having better ranking? your boss, your spouse or your ex-colleague.
  • Who is on linkedin or facebook?

Xobni pulls contact info from email signatures, message bodies, Outlook contacts, as well as from  LinkedIn, Facebook, Hoovers, Skype, and Yahoo. Read More …

Google takes you to the moon

What a way to celebrate 40th anniversary of man’s walk to the moon, and thanks to Google for making it extraordinary. A lot many people who are already familiar with Google Earth now can feel Google Moon.

This will let you walk through moon’s landing site , let you see 360 degree snaps and 3D view of the spacecraft, and what’s more you get to see exclusive tv recordings of the Apollo mission. Read More …

Microsoft shares code for Linux Kernel

Can’t comment too much about it, but yes virtualization is the the road where both the opponents have met and shared something. Release of code worth 20,000 lines  under the GPLv2 open source license will be used to help Linux run as guests on Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 through  Hyper-V virtualization technology.

What i failed to get is that Microsoft is releasing code under GPLv2, that might mean that i will be able to see the code. Read More …

Is Steve Ballmer Worried?

A few days back, Google announced an operating system named Google Chrome OS, which will be released in the second part of year 2010. It is interesting to know that the operating system is mainly targeted for the netbooks, which are still to be accepted by the masses. I mean, in America and Europe, they might be popular but with the rest of the world, they are not so popular as of now. With this announcement, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer just laughed it off…was it because he does not plan to take this OS very seriously or he is just going insane with the announcement….? Read More … gone for $3 Million is just a domain name and this weekend it was sold for $3 Million. You might be wondering why, but there should not be any surprise given the importance of domain name in age of internet marketing.  A domain name is your own unique identity and your business depends on it.
But why some domain names are sold for over a million dollars when you can buy a domain name for $10, like i bought for $9.95. Read More …

Boot me fast, faster, fastest

I have installed a lot of Linux variants and tried to time the boot time, one of my earlier post talks about booting PC in ten seconds. With netbooks getting too much of penetration and Google getting in to cloud based Operating Systems and pushing for quicker than ever boot time. Instead of counting how many hours i have wasted in my entire lifetime while waiting for my computer to boot up?  I would rather switch to a Linux distro. Read More …